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Your generous donation will help to build a reliable water pump and ensure that a community in need has access to safe and clean water.


The water pump will provide a reliable source of water for drinking, cleaning, and other essential uses.


With your support, we can provide the less fortunate with clean, potable water to live a healthier life.


Your funds will be used in the construction of this water pump and will be instrumental in providing a sustainable source of water for those in need.


NOTE: Only 5 contributer names can be inserted due to space contraints.


Please submit the contributor names following the format below;


1. xxxxxxxxxxx

2. xxxxxxxxxxx

3. xxxxxxxxxxx

4. xxxxxxxxxxx

5. xxxxxxxxxxx




SKU: 364215375135191
  • Water pumps are aimed to be constructed in the following countries:

    • Cambodia
    • Bangladesh
    • Philippines


    We strive to build water pumps for the communities in need of water, the most basic need in our lives. Help us contribute to more villages and build a safe and sustainable environment for them to live in.

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