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Let's Build a
Better World Together

While there are people who enjoy easy access to basic necessities, there will also be the less privileged counterparts who do not. We believe that we can find like-minded community who are willing to make a change to their lives by providing the necessary living needs through small contributions. May good favor the selfless.

Who Are We?

Welcome to DeedsbyConverts, a heartfelt initiative launched by converts whom genuinely want to give back to the society.

As we embark on numerous projects, we invite you to be part of our community to rally behind our mission and stand alongside us in extending assistance to the less privileged. Together, let's make a difference and uplift those in need.

How Do We Help Them?

DeedsbyConverts is dedicated to help individuals that are facing adversity by addressing their fundamental needs.

Our mission is to enhance their quality of life by through these 3 offerings.

Water Pumps

Through this choice, you provide water to those who do not have access to clean potable source

Build Masjids / Madrasahs

Offering to build a place for them to come forward for all aspects of life and religous devouts

Sheep Farming

Ever thought of owning your own sheeps? We're here to help you have your own income of halal meat.


Want to Help in Your Own Way?

Good deeds can be offered in many ways, and definitely not limited to just those specified above.

So long you are willing to pitch in, we are definitely open to listening to your ideas anytime anyday.

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